19 February 2009

Noctiferia live at Mostovna

Remarkably, 2009 makes ten years since NOCTIFERIA started as full time playing artist. They make outstanding music, stylisticly combined to perfection. Last 10 years of NOCTIFERIA work has given us a code to the incredible musical innovations and stylisticly uncomparable art. NOCTIFERIA followed a straight path from 97'-03', and after the release of »Per Aspera« they knew the new time is coming. »Slovenska Morbida«, the third studio full lenght, was released in 2006 for Slovenian market. This is the album where NOCTIFERIA sealed their traditions, style and recognizable signs.

Noctiferia live at Mostovna I 06-02-09, Nova Gorica

Their style of modern sounding death metal was allways different with different influences from several cultures. With »Slovenska Morbida« they crossed all the barriers of traditional extreme death metal. Their album was recorded in The Abyss studios in Sweden, with the help of Peter Tagtren of Pain/Hypocrisy. Both words death metal and extreme metal have a big spectre and Noctiferia believes a lot has not been discovered yet, and that they are here to make their own rules and visions of how extreme metal should sound like. Slovenska Morbida was re-released in august 2008 in GAS teritorry for DanseMacabre records with additional three bonus tracks.

Noctiferia live at Mostovna II 06-02-09, Nova Gorica


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